Transport and Logistics insurance

Transport & Logistics insurance
Any business that works in the transport & logistics sector needs to have specialist insurance in place to cover them. From large haulage companies to smaller firms that get items from A to B, this protection is vital if you deliver goods. This is also true for any logistics company which needs custom cover to rely on. But what sort of protection does this cover give and why is it so key to invest in?

What is transport & logistics insurance?

Operating a business based in the transport and logistics sectors can leave you vulnerable to multiple risks. From general haulage firms to those who store goods, those who are involved in removals or those tasked with transporting specialist items, this is true. Without the right insurance in place, any issues or accidents could prove disastrous.

Dedicated cover for transport & logistics firms can commonly include:

- cover against lost/damaged goods
- protection against delivery omissions or errors
- 3rd party liability
- cover for regulation breaches
- insurance for motor fleets
- insurance for transporting marine cargo

It is key to note that there is no one size fits all policy in this area. For this reason, it is important to speak with a professional broker who can help you find the right policy from the best providers.

Why take out transport & logistics insurance?

There are some very good reasons to invest in this insurance. To begin with, it helps to stop unforeseen problems with storing or transporting goods from becoming a major issue. Without this cover in place, any accidents could see you paying out hefty compensation fees and potentially risk the future of your whole operation. Having this insurance behind you also gives total peace of mind to business owners and builds trust with consumers, thus helping you to attract more business.

Why trust J & A Brokers to help?

Taking out transport & logistics insurance is a smart move for any business in these sectors. As noted above though, it is key to speak with a professional broker first to get advice on the exact cover your policy should include. If your main work is picking up items to deliver around the UK for example, you do not want to take out a policy that has no liability for lost or damaged goods included!

Here at J & A Brokers, our team knows this sector well. We can offer expert advice on the cover you need and pull together a bespoke package from the best providers around. Contact J & A Brokers today at for more details.