Insurance for small businesses

Small businesses are a major part of the economic landscape around the UK and vital to the countries prosperity. Not only do they provide essential goods and services to consumers but they also bring vital jobs into local communities. If you own one of the millions of UK small businesses, then getting the right kind of insurance is a must. This will not only protect your company from whatever life brings but also allows you to focus on running your business with total peace of mind.

Small business insurance - what is it?

Whatever industry you operate in as a small business, you can be vulnerable to multiple risks. It is therefore sensible to have the right kind of insurance in place to rely on. With this in mind, taking out specific and tailored small business insurance cover is highly advised.

But what is small business insurance? In simple terms, it brings together a variety of individual insurance policies into one package. This is much easier and quicker than taking out each policy your business needs individually. Bundling all the cover you need together can also give better value than taking out policies one by one.

How does small business insurance protect my company?

The protection given by small business insurance cover lies in what it covers you for. The best packages will include the most common claims you could face or the most useful cover you may need moving forward.

While you can tailor the policy to your own needs, most companies will have Public Liability cover included. This is vital as it guards against compensation claims from members of the public, should you injure them or damage their property whilst working. Employers Liability is also commonly included and can help cover the cost of compensation claims from employees who fall ill or get injured whilst at work.

Professional Indemnity insurance can also be useful as it protects against clients claiming your advice caused a loss of earnings or work. Business Interruption can be seen in many small business insurance packages and is handy to rely on when you cannot operate as usual.

Why is getting proper cover for your small business critical?

Most small businesses do not have large amounts of spare money in the bank to rescue them if the worst happens. Taking out small business cover helps by providing financial protection against the cost which any unexpected injuries or accidents bring. In turn, it can also avoid any costly claims bankrupting your company and forcing it to close. In addition, any business that employs staff must have Employers Liability insurance in place to stay within the law. If you also decide to take out cover for tools or stock, then it also means you can replace them quickly if stolen or damaged and get back to work.

Why choose J & A Brokers?

Choosing the right small business insurance package is not always easy but is something you need to get right. This means it is key to speak with insurance brokers who are experienced in this area and can give reliable advice to work from. At J & A Brokers, we know how important small businesses are to the UK and have expert knowledge in helping companies find the right cover and the best deals. Contact us at today for more details.