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For many scaffolding contractors, finding the correct insurance can be a challenge. Not only is there the potential for contractors to be sued for injuries caused by their activities whilst the scaffolding is being put in place, but there is also the possibility of litigation should third parties end up injured due to the scaffolding failing whilst in use. In some cases, a scaffolding company may be found liable even if they haven't erected the scaffolding! If they've provided a design brief or design advice to another company, who then erects the scaffolding according to their design, there is the potential of being sued should the scaffolding fail once in position. With so many different scenarios to protect against, a bespoke insurance policy is normally the best way forward.

Why opt for customised scaffolding contractors insurance?

A specialist, commercial insurance broker can design a form of cover that's specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. For example, if you don't provide design advice or scaffolding designs to third parties, you won't need cover for that particular activity. Should you have a particularly complex set-up when it comes to delivering scaffolding (for example, more than one company is involved in erecting the scaffolding on a large project, or you are maintaining scaffolding which you didn't erect), a specialist broker can come up with a cover that will protect you. A custom quote reduces the risk of duplication: if you take out separate insurance policies, you may end up with "double cover" for some elements of your work, with other aspects left unprotected. A single, tailor-made policy gives you exactly what you need.

Save money with a specialist scaffolding contractors insurance

Although scaffolding is clearly a high-risk activity with plenty of potentials for things to go wrong, there may well be mitigating factors regarding your specific company which help to lower the risk. A long track record of safe working, for example, well-trained staff or advanced qualifications in scaffolding design, safety at work or similar could all help to drive down the cost of your premium. Opting for a customised quote allows your insurer to factor in all the characteristics of your business which mean you're a comparatively low risk. Obviously that can have an impact on the premiums you pay, potentially enabling you to get comprehensive insurance for a highly competitive price.

Scaffolding insurance that evolves as you do

Almost inevitably, as a business grows, its insurance needs alter. Whether it's taking on more ambitious projects, delivering larger-scale scaffolding work or taking on more challenging jobs, the nature of what a business delivers rarely stays exactly constant. It's vital that insurance cover keeps pace with changes to the organisation, ensuring protection is always there when needed, without being too much.

A specialist commercial insurer is able to design a policy that's flexible enough to meet the needs of your business whilst still remaining competitive. To find out just how much cover you can enjoy when you use a specialist provider for your scaffolding insurance, please get in touch.

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