Restaurant Insurances

It doesn’t matter what you call your establishment - a restaurant, bistro, brasserie, diner or café - it comes with a menu of risks that call for comprehensive protection.

Whether you own or manage an establishment, there’s a whole list of ingredients that go into good restaurant insurance to protect you, your staff, your customers, your premises and all the expensive equipment in a commercial kitchen.

Read on to discover how a restaurant insurance package will help you cover your business and much more.

The dangers facing a restaurant

Food safety – no one wants a lawsuit over food poisoning, or triggering an allergy by not declaring certain ingredients on the menu.

Fire safety – cooking at high temperatures means there could be a risk of a fire that can’t be contained.

General safety – what if a customer, member of the public, or member of staff is injured or has property damaged as a result of your business?

Theft – it could be a break-in or even a member of staff with their hand in the till.

Business interruption – all of those factors could mean closing the doors, leading to loss of business, earnings and reputation.

And in these troubled times, you also have to take into account all the extra precautions needed to protect against Covid-19 and reduce the risks that come with changing the way you operate.

Your insurance should include restaurant liability, public liability and employers’ liability to protect you and your staff, and business contents insurance to protect your kitchen and its equipment.

With a list of risks so long, you need an expert restaurant insurance broker

J&A Brokers is an established commercial insurance broker and member of the British Insurance Brokers Association and the Compass Broker Networks. Our expert team of commercial insurance specialists offer a wide range of products such as public, employers’ and restaurant liability in a comprehensive restaurant insurance package.

Given the amount of time and effort that goes into running a restaurant, café or bar, the creativity that goes into the menu, and ensuring the paying public remember you for the right reasons, it makes sense not to take any chances.

With cover of up to £5 million, or even more on request, let us advise you on your restaurant insurance package. Get in touch with a member of the J&A Brokers team today on 01618729886 and take the right step in protecting you and your business.