Insurance for Bars and Pubs

Whether you run a hip city-centre bar or a charming rural pub, you will know how important they are to the UK's economy. Whatever type of pub or bar you operate, it is essential to take out industry-specific cover to protect it. This not only gives you peace of mind as the owner/landlord but also allows you to deal confidently with whatever life throws at your business.

What is pub and bar insurance?

Running a pub or bar can leave you open to numerous risks and it is therefore not wise to operate without the right type of cover in place. Common bar insurance and pub insurance packages not only cover damage to your premises but also injuries to staff and injuries to members of the public whilst on your premises. It also normally includes stock cover, which is very handy if your freezers suddenly stop working! It can also include cover for personal injury or assault, protection if you have to close for a period of time and cover against losing your licence.

Why is protecting your bar or pub crucial?

There are some great reasons to invest in this type of policy. Firstly, it gives peace of mind that you are financially covered against any unforeseen accidents, mishaps or injuries. Without insurance in place, a hefty compensation claim could see you having to cease trading altogether, for example. This can be especially pertinent for independent bar or pub owners who do not have the backing of a major chain to rely on. Secondly, the cover pub or bar insurance provides means you can carry out any repairs or restocking quickly and get back to normal asap.

How does insurance cover my bar or pub?

Here at J & A Brokers, we know that there is no 'one size fits all policy in this sector. As well as the standard types of cover already mentioned, you might also need cover for a children's play area or for live entertainment. The key to how insurance covers your pub comprehensively is taking out a tailored package that is right for you. Doing this means that you are protected from anything that might prove disastrous - from floods to theft, personal injury, injuries to customers or injuries to staff.

Why should you let J & A Brokers help?

Taking out an insurance package for your pub or bar is something to take seriously. With this in mind, you should find insurance brokers who give reliable advice and access to the exact types of cover you need.

Here at J & A Brokers, our team of insurance experts know this sector well and are ideally placed to do just that. We offer clients a wide choice of cover, from public liability to employers' liability, business interruption and lots more. Contact J & A Brokers today at for more details.