Hotel Insurance

As a hotelier, it can be difficult to find the right hotel insurance package for you. That's why you should use J & A Brokers - we're a hotel insurance broker who can help you find the perfect hotel cover for your needs. Every hotel has individual insurance requirements, and we can help you satisfy them effortlessly and affordably.

What insurance cover do you need?

Hotels need varying levels of insurance, which is why a bespoke hotel insurance package makes so much sense. There are certain levels of insurance cover that are going to be a necessary requirement, however, such as public liability insurance. This insurance cover will help protect you against claims should someone be injured on your premises. Another legal requirement is going to be employee liability insurance if you already have or intended to take on employees.

A bespoke insurance package doesn't end with what you strictly need legally, however, as any savvy business owner knows it's best to be protected against every likely eventually. To that end, we can arrange cover for a broad range of outcomes. Think about investing, for example, in business interruption cover, otherwise known as turnover protection, to help keep your cash flow reliable in times when you're not able to trade. You will also want to think about adding some form of business building and contents cover to your property, to help protect you in the event that items are lost or stolen, either from you, or from your guests, or to cover you if your property is damaged by flooding, storms, or other extreme weather.

We make finding hotel insurance easy

You may think that sounds like a lot of insurance cover to arrange - it must be time-consuming and complicated, right? Wrong! At J & A Brokers we've taken the difficulty out of finding the perfect insurance package from your hotel. All you need to do is contact us, and we'll work with you to determine the perfect level of insurance cover for your business. We'll take into account your circumstances, situation, budget, and your preference to fine-tune your cover.

With that, we'll then work with a selection of our approved insurance partners to find you the best deal on your preferred level of cover. We only work with reliable and dependable insurance providers, to help ensure our customers get the best possible peace of mind. To find your ideal hotel insurance package, contact J & A Brokers today.