garage insurance

Whether you're the new owner of a commercial garage start-up, or the proud owner of a successful garage with a glowing reputation that precedes it, insurance on the property and its contents is critical. Read on to discover more about what commercial garage insurance is, why it's important to protect it, how investing in insurance will help you cover your business, and much more.

Commercial garage insurance typically covers both the actual property and the contents within it, whether this is your equipment, important documents, or the property of clients. It's important to note that if you employ mechanics to fix your client's cars, then you should also take out mechanics garage insurance as this covers both employer and public liability.

Why is it important to protect your garage?

It's important that you invest in a good level of protection for your garage for many reasons. For one, it ensures that you can make a claim against any damage, whether it be by fire, flood, or break-in. This means that you won't have to cut your losses too harshly and can instead work towards repair and a normal routine as quickly as possible.

Especially if you're a small garage business as opposed to a large chain, even the smallest of unexpected financial losses could hit you hard. This is why protecting your garage with insurance maximises your prospects of bouncing back following damage.

How does insurance cover the business?

There are various levels of garage insurance you can opt for, each tailored to a specific size and style of business. For instance, you can choose from a range of vehicle insurance covers, liability, material damage, and even insurance for vehicle collection on the road. Whether you rent or own your garage premises, any good garage insurance will protect you from any vandalism and stock content theft too. As mentioned before, garage insurance also typically protects you following any damage of natural causes, such as fire and flooding
So it's up to you how extensive your cover goes - but it is always recommended that you protect yourself, your employees, and your business as much as possible, should the unthinkable happen.

Why choose J&A Brokers?

J&A Brokers is comprised of an expert team of commercial insurance specialists, whether it be garage, demolition contractors, engineering companies, or roofing and scaffolding contractors. We offer a wide range of commercial insurance covers, including material damage, employers', public and products liability, commercial legal expenses, and goods in transit.

So no matter what insurance you're after for your garage, whether you want one type of cover or them all, we'll have someone on hand to advise you on protecting your business and premises from the worst. Get in touch with a member of the J&A Brokers team today to get on the first step towards protecting your garage.