Engineering Insurance

We offer specialist insurance that provides the perfect cover for a wide range of engineering professions.

Working as an engineer poses a unique set of risks, from accidents with machinery to injuries sustained while moving or lifting heavy goods.

Not only is it important for engineers to seek engineering insurance that will protect them from the range of risks associated with their work, but it is also important to ensure you have the appropriate types and levels of cover too. Some aspects of engineering insurance are more general, covering against machinery, while more specific items of equipment will require an examination and test as part of the insurance policy.

Engineering insurance is absolutely essential in order to receive complete protection against a wide range of risks associated with engineering. The insurance generally covers risks associated with working machinery, equipment and plants, as well as risks occurring while erecting equipment or resting. Insurance is always a good idea for peace of mind in addition to legal reasons. However, engineering insurance should be considered an absolute essential for workplaces and situations that pose a risk of explosion or risk of electrical breakdown. Insurance that covers electrical breakdown is especially necessary for workplaces that use computers, as the insurance policy may cover unforeseen damage to the computer, increased costs caused by the damage and reinstatement of data loss.

Types of engineering insurance

• Sudden and unforeseen damage
• Accidental damage for plant and equipment
• Machinery movement
• Loss or damage to computer equipment
• Contract works
• Deterioration of stock

Which types of engineering insurance do you need?

First of all, the type of engineering insurance you require will depend on the type of engineering work you do. Consultant engineers who provide advisory services to firms, companies and the public may need consulting engineers’ insurance, a type of professional indemnity cover. Manufacturing engineers that supply or produce a product for a third party will need product insurance, and possibly personal indemnity insurance if they advise on jobs. There are many types of insurance that can be arranged for engineering companies, which is highly recommended considering 20% of injuries in the workplace happen on factory floors.

Compulsory insurance

Employers' liability insurance is a legal requirement in the UK for anyone with employers or volunteers. This insurance is designed to cover your business if an employee was to have an accident at work. This is especially desirable considering claims from employees against companies are increasing in the UK, and successful pay-outs to claimants are becoming more and more common. A separate vehicle insurance policy to standard motor insurance will be necessary for those who drive a vehicle as part of their job, protecting you in the event of an accident while driving for work.

To find out more about how to cover yourself and get protected at work, it is best to seek advice from an engineering insurance expert to ensure you get the most accurate cover for your needs. Contact our team and we will aim to get back to you as quickly as possible with advice to protect you and your business, answer any questions, as well as providing you with further information on our insurance policies.

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