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Whether it’s dismantling a dangerous chimney or demolishing a whole tower block, demolition is one of the most high risk and complex processes in any construction project. It goes without saying that whatever the work being proposed, the correct level and type of cover is absolutely critical. You may be bringing in outside contractors or conducting the demolition yourself, but either way, having the right liability coverage in place is essential.

A bespoke Insurance Package

More often than not, standard construction liability cover will not be sufficient for demolition projects. In fact, many underwriters are not prepared to provide cover for hazardous demolition work. At J & A Brokers, we are able to cater to the very specific insurance requirements of the demolition industry. Demolition is a specialist skill and therefore requires specialist demolition insurance and while no two projects are exactly the same, we at J & A Brokers can source bespoke cover for any undertaking at competitive premiums.

Demolition is challenging and should always be undertaken by trained and experienced professionals so that any structure can be removed in a safe and time-efficient manner. However, given the very nature of the tasks involved the potential hazards inherent in demolition work are clear. The work being proposed may involve the removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos or other polluting chemicals, which will require its own very specific form of cover. Working at heights on potentially unsafe structures brings its own risks and again requires a bespoke and carefully tailored policy to be in place before work begins. We can source cover up to any height limit and so even if you are demolishing a tower block you can have the correct cover in place. Larger demolition projects may require the controlled use of explosives and while many underwriters would not provide cover for such specialist high-risk work, at J & A Brokers we can we can source the correct insurance. No matter what specialised tools are involved, whether the work involves soft strip or ball & chain, oxyacetylene cutting equipment or heavy plant machinery, you can rest assured that the necessary cover is available.

We can also supply you with JCT 21.2.1 insurance, providing cover for any claim arising that is not directly attributable to negligence. This type of claim can often be caused by demolition work, as it can lead to unforeseeable damage to neighbouring properties through factors like subsidence or vibration. This is vital because while a standard public liability policy will only provide protection against claims resulting from negligence, specialised JCT 21.2.1 insurance covers for damage that has not been caused by a negligent act.

Of course accidents on-site can happen, but with the correct demolition insurance policy provided by J & A Brokers in place, you can proceed with valuable peace of mind. Our experience and understanding of the demolition insurance market mean that we have a real understanding of the risks involved and what actually needs to be insured, ensuring that your premiums will be competitive and tailored to your unique needs.

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