Builders insurance

The construction industry is a key part of the national economy and builders play a huge role within this sector. Without builders to erect new structures, fix buildings or renovate older ones, we would not be where we are today. If you work as a builder, you know that there are numerous things to get right to become established as a business. Insurance is one of these key factors and taking out specific builders' insurance is a must.

What is insurance for builders?

There is no doubt that working in this industry comes with a real need for the right kind of insurance. Being a builder can be dangerous at times for example and involves using lots of expensive tools or materials. The construction sector is also at the mercy of the weather and a range of other factors out of your control. All these combined means that unexpected and serious disasters can happen at any time!

To guard against this and stay protected, specific builders' insurance is key. Here at J & A Brokers, our expert team can help put together a bespoke policy that gives all the cover your business needs.

What does builders' insurance normally cover?

As noted above, working as a builder leaves you open to numerous dangers. Specific builders' insurance is so handy because it can give comprehensive protection against these dangers. This sort of insurance can normally include:

- Equipment and tools cover
- Employer liability cover
- Public liability
- Fleet/vehicle protection
- All-risk protection for contractors
- Cover for hired or owned plant machinery
- Protection for contract works
- Cover for personal accidents or injury
- Insurance for Directors and Officers in limited building companies

What cover should I include in my bespoke builders' insurance policy?

The key thing is to make sure that your overall builders' insurance package includes all the cover your company needs. For all builders, personal injury is key for example because it covers against any accidents you suffer while working. Employers' liability is also a must if you employ people and is required under the law in most cases. Public liability is also essential. While not a legal necessity, most clients will be unwilling to hire a builder who does not have it.

Most builders will also include cover for their tools and any plant they use within their insurance package. This is key because it gives protection against expensive kit being stolen or broken. If you are not sure about what specific coverage you need, let J & A Brokers guide you today.

How do I take out builders' insurance?

The best option is to get in touch with J & A Brokers on 0161 872 9886 or at Our team of professional brokers can not only advise on the best cover to include in your policy but also give a quote for the builders' insurance you need.